Re: [debug] Strange gdb Error

From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 12/17/02

For the function its calling there try looking to make sure that the file its
calling is in its proper spot, or even in existance. I don't know what the
fucntion performs, but it must call up a seperate file. Locate the following
to maybe get a lead start:

background  greetings   help        imotd       motd        policies
credits     handbook    immlist     info        news        wizlist

All those listed above in lib/text

README      board.mort  hcontrol    players     plrmail     time

Those being in lib/etc

bugs         ideas        socials      xnames  messages     typos

Those being in lib/misc and is only if you have bpl21+ i think.
If you have all those, than it must be a additional function or something....
Thats all I can recall.

Kevin Dethlefs

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