Admins for lex/yacc? (ASCII player/object files)

From: George Greer (
Date: 12/20/02

[ Originally posted to the developers' list.  There wasn't an immediate
  negative reaction, other than being called a 'freak' :), so I'm
  interested in the general mailing list feeling as well. ]

Having already written a for-fun version of the database parser in lex/yacc
format, I'm interested in writing the ASCII player files with lex/yacc as
well.  The computer science graduate in me says that all programmers should
know how to use them anyway.

I found some Windows ports of the GNU versions at:
so that shouldn't be a problem.  Maybe more of a problem for VMS but
there's probably some versions around.

Besides, the lex/yacc parser was _faster_ than the existing loading
routines.  Any comments/objections?

George Greer

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