Re: [CODE] Patrick Dughi's DBS in VC6

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/20/02

        Sorry about responding to this late; normally subjects with my
name in it (and nothing about penis enlargement) catch my attention.  Just
been snowed under with work.  Same old same old..

        Anyway, Henrik Stuart has one good solution - the one I used when
I had to deal with it - which was the first thing I did when I needed
dirent.h; I wrote the whole dirent-support code.

        One other thing; I'm not sure that just direct loading based on
the vnum is such a great idea..  I'm not sure why just right now, but I
think it will cause crashes if you attempt to modify the permissions on a
board item who's file doesn't exist; thus it's a saftey check.

        I dunno.   That was really sloppy code, and the autocorrect stuff
never made it to the patch (validating the file was properly formed, etc)


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