OLC under construction? Accounts?

From: Marcel Honstraß (M.Honstrass@gmx.de)
Date: 12/22/02


1.when will olc be completed? Are there any parts from the olc command already
working correctly if i remove these lines?

 > /* WARNING!  **DO NOT** under any circumstances remove the code
below!!!!  */
 >    if (strcmp(GET_NAME(ch), "Ras")) {
 >    send_to_char(ch, "OLC is not yet complete.  Sorry.\r\n");
 >    return;
 >  }
 >  /* WARNING!  **DO NOT** under any circumstances remove the code
above!!!!  */

Or is everything under construction?
Well, i got some programs to build areas, but all of them are not what i want.
I am using circle 3.1. Do you have any links to sources with which i can start
online building in my mud?

2. In addition i look for an account system for my mud (several characters
one an account),
if anyone has helpfull code or links then please contact me. M.Honstrass@gmx.de

With best regards,
Marcel Honstraß

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