From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 12/22/02

I haven't been able to check the archives for this, but is there a patch for
later than BPL20 for a sleep system that they have nightmares? That would be
cool if not, and maybe I can think up something... but heck, don't hold me
against it, I hate my skillz. Their too few.

Basically I want a system that:
On nightmares, it might deduct a few HP but never kill
On Good dreams, it might heal HP more than normal sleeping
If by chance you dont get a dream at all, then it heals a normal amount of HP

Also, I would like a dream catcher object flag so that the bad dreams are
sucked away, and good dreams are replaced, and then maybe something that will
heal 2x the rate for rooms/objects... If anyone is interested in this idea,
and wants to code it for me and submit it as their own work, feel free to
contact me for more ideas on it.


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