From: Phil (
Date: 12/23/02

I created a wiz command called 'setshort'.  Syntax: setshort <player>
<description> and, obviously it will change a player's short
description.  I'm having a slight problem, however, with the argument.

ACMD(do_setshort) {
  struct char_data *victim;
  char name[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH], short_descr[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH]

  two_arguments(argument, name, short_descr);

And so forth...

But it gives me a Warning when I compile, about passing an argument to
skip_spaces.  Then, when I try to use the command in the game, it
crashes the MUD.  However, prior to having the skip_spaces and
delete_doubledollar functions in there, it almost worked, except that it
would only include the first argument of the description.  For example:
setshort bob a tall guy -- would show: a is standing here.  INSTEAD of:
a tall guy is standing here.  Anyone have any ideas?  Or is this not the
appropriate forum?

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