[NEWBIE][code] help with implicit declaration

From: Ross Phillips (nesper@iprimus.com.au)
Date: 12/23/02

Hi peeps,
(first off, sorry to all for my last "un-snipped" reply)
I've added autosac to my code but when I compile I get:

      gcc -g  -02 -Wall  -c -o fight.o fight.c
      fight.c: In function `damage' :
      fight.c:850: warning: implicit declaration of function `do_sac'

Everything else compiles as normal and autosac does indeed seem to work
without any problems.
Yet something tells me that warnings aren't given for no reason.
What I have there is:
           die(victim, ch);
     /* If Autosac enabled, sac corpse*/
         if (IS_NPC(victim) && !IS_NPC(ch) && PRF_FLAGGED(ch,  PRF_AUTOSAC))
      do_sac(ch, "corpse", 0, 0);
    return (-1);

I was hoping somebody might enlighten me as to what is wrong there.

Thanks in advance,

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