[SYSTEM]MS Access dealing with an object database.

From: rob tavares (vze26fdh@verizon.net)
Date: 12/28/02

Evening guys. Perhaps someone on the list can help me with this. I've
been searching for 4 weeks for a method of getting MS access 2002 to
recognize the difference between 'c' and 'C'.

Have a database with a list of all my muds objects in it. Looks like
206,a barred helmet with a red

I currently have queries to pull all worn objects into a list. Then
query that list by wear slot(range from 'A' to 'O' and 'a' to 'z') with
any combination possible

My criteria looks like this: 'Like "*c"
The results give: 'ac' 'aC' etc

As 'c' and 'C' designate separate wear slots. this presents an
organizational problem.

Anyone have any thoughts on a solution?


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