Re: [OasisOLC] New Patch Soon

From: Brandon Allen (crio49@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 12/31/02

ok myth i have an error

> The following files need saving:
 - Game configuration data.

> World files saved.

now in my head the "Game configuration data." is not a world file
how about

All mud files up to date

or some other wording on that line

i love cedit it is wonderful it is basicly the same as a item
on my todo list and you did even more than i was going to do.

the only options i dont see is possably port number and weather
the mud is running with a fast or slow dns. this would require
you to re bind the port and kick all connections for the port
number. but the fast or slow dns would not require a rebind and
should be easy to add.

have you put any thought into a player editor.

basicly a oasis version of set. with menus

basicly the things i am working on are adding and removing
effects like blind or globe of protection and stuff and
resetting there timers via a extra set of set commands i made.

but if it could all be explored set and changed via a menu
it would completely rock. simply freeze the uset til the imm
is done editing them.

woudl make things interesting from the imm side.

but as it is the patch is great i jsut wanted to get my hands on cedit :)

-Brandon Allen

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