Re: Exp Formula

From: Greg Buxton (
Date: 01/03/03

> Question for you all, i am currently trying to implement a formula for exp
> instead of the standard tables. i am looking for an example of a formula
> that doesnt go up in the same incriment each time, which is unforunately
> the only out come that i have gotten.
> Any ideas ?

Well, how do you want it to vary?  Different increments by class?  Do
you want it so that the higher the level you're at the higher the next
level is to get?

On an alternative idea you could also do a "Leveling Modifier" system
where depending on what skills/talents/races/classes/etc/etc/etc that
are available for characters to use during creation the modifier is
changed.  So then set a base rate of say, 3000 XP per level and if
someone picks a character with no bonuses and has a modifier of 1.0
then they level at the rate of 3,000XP/level but get a fairly wimpy
character.  Of course then someone could load up a character with
all sorts of skills, and have a modifier of 4.3 or what have you and
then they'd level at the (much) slower rate of 12900XP/Level, but
have a much 'stronger' character.

All in all it would depend on what you want. =P

- Greg
Shadows of Amber

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