Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] Problem..

From: Viper Templar-clan (
Date: 01/05/03

>Working with Circle 3.1 and the largest modification I have added is
>races. First off, let me say, I have searched the Archives as well as
>all the List emails I have since joining the list in May, but havent
>seen this problem. None of my charactors can wield or wear anything,
>they get the "zapped" message. I even did a stat on certain pieces of eq
>to ensure it was not an align issue and irregardless of alignment,
>cannot use/wear anything. I had noticed this just after adding races,

I don't know what race patch you patched in (There are several), but some do
alter the alignment check I think. Was that altered in the patch? Maybe you
forgot to put in something, or perhaps the item is !race? I'm not that
femiliar with the race patches, so I might be wrong.

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