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From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 01/05/03

From: "Jim" <realm@CITLINK.NET>
> I followed the newest race add walkthru that was compiled from all the
> other snippets and was for bpl21. I checked the stats of items and none
> are ! well as tried all races and none can use even basic stock
> stuff (leather sleeves, long sword etc...) But thanx for the reply..

Ok, time to get some code on the table (figuratively speaking, of course).
How does your align check look ?
I figure you have changed a line in equip_char() to look something like

  if (invalid_align(ch, obj) || invalid_class(ch, obj) ||
      invalid_race(ch,obj)) {
    act("You are zapped by $p and instantly let go of it.", FALSE, ch, obj,
0, TO_CHAR);

How does invalid_race() (or what you called it) look ?

Try putting in log calls in the invalid_race() -or equivalent- function:

log("invalid_race: ch=%s, GET_RACE(ch)=%d", GET_NAME(ch), GET_RACE(ch));

This way, you can see if the problem occurs due to improper initialization.

Get back to us with more specific bug reports when you have done this.


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