Re: Coding idea, and possible implementations

From: Tseran (
Date: 01/05/03

On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 01:38  PM, Vladimir Romanov wrote:
> > It sounds like a strange idea, but I just added in ITEM_NOTREAL
> > object...
> Excuse me, why objects? Can't pflags handle all these cases?

Sure...but say you have 15 different quests where you have to do
something different, and say you have 10 different search skills and
then 7 different 'script' uses.  That's 22 different pflags.  Also then
you have to add in code to remove the flags on certain circumstances.
Objects are a little more flexible in that they are with the character.
  The only problem is if you want something that stays with a character
through death.  In that case a pflag would be better.

On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 12:24  PM, The Fungi wrote:
> Most of the above affects can be accomplished with player variables
> if you have DG Scripts. Just a thought...

True, but some of them would require some 'hard coding' in opposition
to the 'soft coding' of DG scripts.  (For those not familair with the
difference, hard coding requires a recompile of the MUD, soft coding
doesn't.  So DG Scripts are soft code...this comes up a lot in TinyMUSH
variants, as very little of the code on them is hard coded)  For
example, searching.  If you wanted searching to work so that you could
see the object, you would need to write the hard code of the MUD to
check the player's variables.  As it stands, before this, I had a
linked list of player IDNums on an object that needed to be found.
While this isn't huge,  or major programming, it was a bit of a pain,
since if the MUD crashed, unless I put in provisions to save the linked
list, it dies.  With objects they are persistant as long as the
character is alive.  This is similar to the variables.  Personally, I
don't like mixing hard coding and soft coding for doing a single
"I don't need luck, I've got science!"

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