Re: [Circle] Smokeing

From: Adam Scriven (
Date: 01/06/03

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 05:03:43PM -0500, Brandon Allen wrote:
> I was inspired by the idea of adding smokeing to my mud

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was a good idea!

> i will post a diff file aginst 3.1 tomorow when i am
> done. i am mostly changeing the drink system around

I was going to start this today, but I'll have a look at yours, and see
if you're thinking along similar lines to me.

> but for my players i have 2 evil suprizes.
> for the FULL,THIRST,DRUNK aread i added 1 extra field
> to it and copyed them to all say smoke insted of water

A few questions... is this in addition to the original 3, so now there

Also, what is SMOKE, for?  And for cough, I was thinking about effects like
this today, but more for colds and things, cough could be just a simple
implementation of that... or perhaps a "SICK" bit that gets set, with
different sicknesses and diseases having different bitmasks?

I as also thinking that poison right now is just done with an effect that
lasts for a duration... so why not implement your cough and my "sickness" idea
that way too?

Just trying to see if there's ways to make things more flexible.

One more thing just occured to me, how do your smoking things work?  Did you
implement the pass code I posted before, or set it up so you have to be holding
something to smoke it, or is it just like drink where it can just be in your
inventory.  Did you include floor-level things, like smoke-fountains?

> in the score screen you can see smoke and high
> but cough and addicted are not in the list.
> cough and addicted do not go down with everything else
> it takes a long time ( currently a mud week) for them
> to go down 1 knotch.

I like the idea of addicted too, that's cool, I hadn't thought of it, actually,
but it's great.

[your specific smoking effects deleted for brevity]

Those are all great ideas! I had thought of smoking for increased mana,
with decreased HP or something of that effect, but I hadn't gotten there yet,
thinking about other possible side-effects.  What about gate-way smoke, you
can blow a smoke-ring that one person can walk through, like a temporary
door, or a teleport (blow ON someone to teleport)... different smokes teleport
to different set places, some are random, some are bad?

If you don't mind, I'll use some of yours, too! :)

> the patch i am releasing will contain just the
> basics of the smokeing code. just the abbility
> to smoke. the tags to be able to make smokeable
> items and items to smoke stuff in. and the
> mods to pfiles needed to make the cough and addiction
> work.

Will that be fore Ascii or Binary PFiles?  Is there a difference?
I like the idea of ASCII PFiles, but I don't have the patch in yet,
is there a recommended ASCII p-files patch for 3.1 yet?

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