Re: race patch/windows/Circle 3.1

From: David Cole (
Date: 01/07/03

> I've seen several race patches...sadly I'm running in wondows and am yet
> see one I can use.

I don't understand your dilemma, installing races onto a Circle MUD
regardless of your OS is simple, and there should be no restrictions
regarding OS compatibility. Unless your looking at writing a race system
that reads and writes files out side of the source (such as SMAUG does)
which even then isn't a platform issue either.

Simply, in char_data and char_file_u (unless using ASCII player files) where
chclass is add byte race; then write a few defines RACE_ELF etc, then from
there look to class.c for help on adding menus for nanny(). This should work
regardless if your running a *nix server or WIN32.

David Cole

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