Re: [Code] Strange error.

From: The Fungi (
Date: 01/10/03

On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 03:37:14AM +0100, Thomas Arp wrote:
> Ack! Sorry everyone. Dak is right (again). After reading and re-reading the
> C library documentation, I realized the error of my ways. I'll just go
> and make myself a string type, as I outlined in my other mail, to prevent
> strange happenings. This time I'll add some more checks! On the other hand,
> I'm the only one tampering with the code atm... hmm..

He's right. So sayeth printf(3) it arrived with C99 compliance in
glibc 2.1. *sigh* Pays to read changelogs ocassionally. Your
judicious use of MIN() will work but you're right, it's expensive.

glibc 2.1... That's been a while. One should never feel ashamed of
one's own slack, but I do none the less.
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