[NEWBIE] [CODE] Quest Master

From: Chimico (achimico@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/10/03

Hi everyone,
sorry for the last message, I'm not so good writing in english... :(

Here is what's going on, I couldn't do the List command works, it just send me the
" ##  Item        Quest Points" and don't show the quest itens... what should I do?

Here is the code:
if (CMD_IS("list")) {

one_argument(arg, name);

strcpy(buf, " ## Iten Pts de Quest\r\n");

strcat(buf, "-------------------------------------------------------------\r\n");

for (x = 1; x <= quest_items[qp]; x++) {

obj = read_object(quest_items[x], VIRTUAL);

if (obj == NULL)


sprintf(buf2, "%s", (obj)->short_description);


sprintf(buf, "%s%3d) %-45s%12d\r\n", buf, x, buf2, GET_OBJ_COST(obj));


send_to_char(buf, ch);

return 1;

That's it, i made some changes so it could work without crashing the MUD.

Thanks in advance.

PS.: The other error is solved!

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