[BUG] rather significant memory leaks in 3.1

From: Torgny Bjers (artovil@arcanerealms.org)
Date: 01/15/03

At 00:42 2003-01-15 -0800, George Greer wrote:
>I introduced some new leaks in some under-development code recently, the
>dynamic command table code.  So I'll give some more time to hunting down
>existing missed-free() cases.
>Yes you heard me right: dynamic command table.

Would this come with an editor/commands perhaps?  We have a working dynamic
MCL with an OLC editor (could be worked with a set command too I suppose)
that allows you to select one of the command pointers in the list and
assign a command to it.  Can also edit/delete commands and enable/disable
them.  Although Cathy coded it, so if you would like to look at it, we
could ask her to send the code over to you, or she might see this post.

Although I am not sure if that's what you're working on?


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