Re: [OASISOLC] OLC 2.0.2

From: Patrik Forsberg (
Date: 01/15/03

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Bill Pascoe wrote:

> I have a question about the version of 2.0.2 thats about to be released. I
> was looking over the version that George posted warning us not to use and
> realized that it was a full instal. I was wondering if  there was gonna be
> an update version from the 2.0.1. ie just the parts that have been
> changed/added. Just wondering Im kinda lazy when it comes to hand patching
> code and wanted a condensed version. If there isnt I'll get by when the
> final release comes out.

Why dont you just reverse patch from the old ver and repatch with the new
one in that case. Altho reverse patching aint always perfect .. well ;)


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