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Date: 01/15/03

On 03-01-15 18.55, "Gerald Florence" <septe@EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:

> I have a question.  I've come across this in several posts.
> Whenever Smaug is mentioned, people react to it with loathing.  I
> have examined the code base in question as well as ROM and a
> few others.  I know it's a full featured codebase and I can
> understand that as a reason for not to use it.  I do know that
> Smaug tends to offload majority of their data into files and use
> linked lists and various hash tables as opposed to Circle using
> arrays.  Both do the same thing which is manage data.  Both have
> their advantages and disadvantages.  What I'm trying to understand
> is the reason(s) for some people's loathing.

I don't loathe it, and I don't think many others would use such a strong
word to illustrate their dislike for said codebase.  Personally, I do not
like Smaug, or other "complete" codebases that come filled with "features"
that I might or might not want.  By the time I am done with ripping out the
features I do not want, and having squashed all the bugs after ripping them
out, I have spent weeks on something I could have avoided if I had
downloaded a more "generic" type of codebase, like CircleMUD.  It's just a
matter of personal preference, that's all.

Although the fact remains: Smaug, and others, are cumbersome for those that
wish to extend and customize the codebase.  If you just want to download it,
and perhaps write a custom world for it, sure.


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