Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 01/16/03

>I must agree here I hate to log on to a mud and see the same code
>over and over again. The same colors and same crap just different
>amounts of it.

I was hoping that by updating all the snippets and patches I can lay my
hands on right now, would create a nice collection of options for newbie
mudowners to pick and choose from, theirs no need for anyone to go add
every single snippet I update to their mud, because I will try and update
several different versions of the same type of snippet. Example : Clan
code, their are a few of them, with various features over the others,
perhaps you perfer this one to that one. It wouldn't make it identical, if
their were more then once to choose from. In the past, their were very few
snippets u could download and get up and running easily, so anything that
did work, was quickly put onto everyones mud just cause it was easy to get

>I must add to your list 128 bit files specifically the new version
>that consumes the 32 bit versions and rewrites them as 128 and
>gives you the option of keeping with the 32 bit files if you want

Could you give me the rundown on what 128 bit files accomplish ? I never
really did look into them much, but always heard people saying they'd like
to add them to their mud, and just wondered why, and exactly what the
benefits where.

I however would like to see a project to take all the snippets
>off the ftp site and work them Up for the newest version of the
>mud. I have done it to a few snippets but I have been adding them
>into the mud as I go along so I usually don't want to make the effort
>to run patch and look for every little change and then write a step
>by step about it.

Im hoping to do such a project not just for my own benefit, but also for
all those newbies that started out like me and got frustrated when all the
cool code was written for old old bpl versions of circlemud. Hey is your
mud code shareable ? meaning would you be willing to let someone cut it all
up and pull it apart to share what you've done with your code to the rest
of the mud community ? thats what I plan on doing with my own mud,
everything from my original mudlib to all the snippets and entire mudcode
will be available for download, im not worried about a bunch of copycat
clone muds popping up. Im more excited about people actually using what I
create and loving the fact it works right out of the box with a lot of

>i think this could be taken a little further.
>1 release of this ""vendor branch" style" project could be implementing
>the back ground items oasis,dg,ascii,128. then there is another
>release. with features laid over it.

I've been thinking about this alot actually, since gathering the replies up
from who wanted a complete mud in a box and who didn't data. I've sorta
come to the conclusion people would rather a bunch of snippets with some
readable easy to understand instructions on how to apply them, then a bunch
of super fast patches. Im still likely to opt for creating patches, but I
can release the original snippets and whatever docs I can write up at the
moment. So everyone will win.

>basically a upgrade to the engine release and a full feature release.
>there even could be a few versions of the full feature release. we
>would setup a website with a pole asking everyone what there favorite
>feature combo's are. have them pick there favorite 5.

Im giving this a lot of thought, I will release a bundled mud package with
mods already in it and fully tested, for those newbies that haven't learnt
how to code and add stuff, but I shall also release a modified skeleton
package, that all the snippets I release will work on fine, and I can
easily support and offer help to anyone using it.

>and so on it would be a large project that could run side by
>side with a snippet update project as all the snippets would
>need to be updated to work with the new code base.

Yes this is the plan, to run in sequence with the latest code as it comes out.

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