Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Tom York (
Date: 01/18/03

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Chris Ward wrote:


> How many people would like to see some of the old snippets patched up to
> work for your 3.1 code ? how many times have newbie coders felt helpless
> when they went searching on the ftp site for documentation on how to add
> races, spells, skills and all that fun stuff and found only outdated or
> extremely vague information. I hope this generates some serious feedback
> and not flames. I would love to hear some opinions from ppl about what they
> like don't like, how many would love a complete mud, and why others hate
> them. And If their is enough interest I'll release a mud bundle with a
> decent amount of mods included, again depending on how much feedback, and
> what people tell me they would like included in the bundle.
> I think my favs, would be ansi pfiles, easycolor, clan code, auction code,
> dgscripts, oasis olc, extended race code, extended class code ...anyone got
> something else they wanna add ?

As a very much newbie to coding [Circle at least], the things I've wanted

Auto-(diag|gold|loot|etc) commands
The option to level-limit objects
Object stacking display (ie, "(2x) a long sword", etc)
Room flags to speed or impede H/M/V regeneration, or to deal damage (etc)
Equipment given to new characters
The ability to attach spells to weapons, and/or affects to worn items

which I've mostly got as snippets, and which are mostly optional from the
point of view of someone setting up a mud using such code.

How do you expect me to get through a de-tox day without
caffeine and lard?


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