[CODE] spells

From: Bill Pascoe (wspascoe@bellsouth.net)
Date: 01/22/03

        As I was adding new spells in my mud I was noticing the simplicity and
wondered....Could it be possible to create a spell editor. In other words a
simple way to add spells to the mud. Im currently looking over the config
editor in the pre release version of oasis and eyeing it  as a kind of an
example. But Im also wondering if someone has done this in the past and
also putting it out there as a suggestion. Im a newbie circle coder so it
may take me months to create a working version. but if someone has it
already or likes the suggestion they could prob release it alot quicker.
        I also have a question to the circle great ones... Does to many editor
cheese out a mud in other words makes it to cookie cutter or is it a useful
thing to newb coders such as myself.

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