Re: [CODE] showstats command help

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 01/23/03



Assuming you added the correct lines to interpreter.c also, try this:

  send_to_char(ch," Your stats are: \r\n");
  send_to_char(ch," Str: %2d / %-3d\r\n", GET_STR(ch), GET_ADD(ch));
  send_to_char(ch," Wis: %2d\r\n", GET_WIS(ch));
  send_to_char(ch," Con: %2d\r\n", GET_CON(ch));
  send_to_char(ch," Dex: %2d\r\n", GET_DEX(ch));
  send_to_char(ch," Int: %2d\r\n", GET_INT(ch));
  send_to_char(ch," Cha: %2d\r\n", GET_CHA(ch));
  send_to_char(ch," Hitroll: %2d\r\n", ch->points.hitroll);
  send_to_char(ch," Damroll: %2d\r\n", ch->points.damroll);


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