Re: Load chance and devleopment program

From: The Fungi (
Date: 01/24/03

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 05:46:19PM +0100, Marcel Honstra? wrote:
> 1. Am i already able with the circle mud code 3.1 to reduce the
> chance of item loads? I mean i can enter a maximum number of items
> on a mob for example or a maximum number of a special mob in a
> room (so that at max eg 5 are loaded) What i want is an if clause
> in the zone file so that only every x. time an item load, so that
> Alrik the big warrior has to slay Welmar 70 times to get the
> awsome sceptre. Is this already possible with my current code? If
> yes, then how can i do it? If not, then do you know any ideas to
> implement it?

This capability is not part of vanilla CircleMUD, but you could look
at the "percent" snippets and patches on the FTP site. This one
looks to be the most recent, though still several years out of date:

It will most likely require a little modification for most recent
releases, but it's a small patch so probably not hard to fix.

> 2. Well from time to time i code something with Delphi (Borland).
> I uses a development program (included), so i get more then the
> compiler messages.  When my compiled prog crashes with the
> development prog as frame programm then i get very detailed
> messages where i have to look to find the bug (eg.  file xx, line
> yy, division through zero).  So i wonder if such a frame
> develeopment prog does exist for C (either Win or linux) which
> gives more information then my compiler does and which helps to
> find crash bugs.

I don't use Windows or Delphi, but for Linux there are several
useful tools (same with most *NIX platforms): gdb (The GNU
Debugger), strace (trace system calls and signals) and
electric-fence (a malloc debugger). Read through the man pages and
online manuals for these to decide if they will help you. Also, if
you haven't already, check out the "Information for Coders" section
of The CircleMUD Documentation Project:

It's got some good pointers for new developers, CircleMUD or not.
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