[BUG][NEWBIE] Major problems with hitroll and ac.

From: peter dahlgren (peter_dahlgren2002@yahoo.se)
Date: 01/25/03

well, i'm not sure it can be classified as a bug, but it makes the mud quite unplayable... an immortal has +100 ac, which is initial without armor... the mob has somewhat 16 hitroll, but the mob can't hit the immortal, i know he's immortal, but the mob can't even hit him...

another thing... my immortals are having problems sometime to hit a mob, even if the immortal has like 100 hitroll and the mob 0 ac...

there is something very wrong here, anyone know the fix?

oh, i'm running under circle3.0 bpl21.

i tried to search the archives, but i got a page not found... thanx

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