Re: [CODE] Say command crashes goodies tarball?

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 01/25/03

>as IS_NPC(ch) would've caused the crash otherwise.  Since 'ch' is never
>directly modified after this point, this implies a buffer overflow,
>possibly within garble_text().

void garble_text(char *string, int percent, int lang)
  char letters[12] = "";
  /* Always up letters[12] to the largest size for letters you wish to
* use below. */
  int i, s;

  switch (lang) {
    strcpy (letters, "hprstwxyz");
    s = 8;
    strcpy (letters, "aefhilnopstu");
    s = 11;
    strcpy (letters, "aehiopstuwxyz");
    s = 12;

  for (i = 0; i < strlen(string); ++i)
    if (isalpha(string[i]) && (rand_number(0, 100) > percent))
      string[i] = letters[rand_number(0, s)];

I'd gladly take any suggestions on this :) It seems like maybe garble_text
should be returning something though?

>Both of these sprintf() calls are likely to overflow.  Note that obuf >is a
>char array of MAX_INPUT_LENGTH length.  This is the same size as >buf,
>which will always contain more text than obuf; hence, any time >that obuf
>is close to MAX_INPUT_LENGTH characters long, buf will >overflow.

I went back and looked at the stock do_say and see that buf there is
MAX_INPUT_LENGTH + 12, and it uses snprintf rather than sprintf. So I
changed the sprintf to snprintfs and upped my buf size to MAX_INPUT_LENGTH +
MAX_INPUT_LENGTH. This may be a bit much, but so far everything seems to
still work wonderfully for me. Now I'll just have to have Adam test on his
machine and see if he's stopped crashing.


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