Re: rules

From: Gavin Hoffman (gavinhoffman@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 01/29/03

I've gotten quite a good bit converted to 3e. Combat and armor class system
has been modified, and I've added about 40 spells and skills. Still working
out some issues about which feats to use and such.

The biggest issue I've noticed so far is that by converting to 3e levels and
XP, mobs in the stock world are way too big on XP, and imbalanced in a lot
of ways. So, if you go to 3e, I would strongly suggest scrapping the stock
lib files, unless you want to write a converter or some such. For the time
being with my mud, I've inserted a little code to set the mob's XP based on
its level (which I'm using as a CR) and done likewise for the amount of cash
it carries. I might leave this system in, though it almost certainly needs
to be modified for a public mud.

Good luck!

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