Re: [newbie][code] item_wear

From: Anthony Goins (
Date: 01/30/03

Well, I am no expert with CircleMUD as I am just starting to
use it.  I think you would need some functions to check the belt.
LIke for one not all belts(IMHO) should he able to have stuff attactched
to them, so I would have a function that would check to see ifyou can
add items to it and if you can are all the slots taken up on the belt
already.  The next function I would have would to find out where to
put whatever I am trying to onto the belt(probably include error checking
for a type that doesn't attatch to belts).  I would do that just because
I like to have things in order, so it would check for WEAR_OBELT_1
and if its null and if it is it would stick the item ther.  I like I
said I am just starting to use CircleMUD myself so I am not completely
possitive this approach would work.  I do suggest you take a look at
NiMUD( to see how Herb(Locke) did his.  He used
kind of the same approach I would use if I were to do this.  If you
need some help send me an email and I will help you figure it out without
doing all the work for you(Not saying you just want code for it but most
people would rather code instead of learning what they are doing. :p). :p
Sorry if this isn't much help but I am just trying to give a different
few on the situation.


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