From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/31/03

Ok, I'm using MSVC 6.0 on Windows using Win XP.  I've compiled
Circle 3.1 and various other packages like Circle 3.1 with goodies
and they've compiled fine.  It's when I get to the Sumomo package
and something weird happens with the Sumomo package.  My
MSVC 6.0 compiler bitches about the fact you can't have a long
long structure.  I tried to fix this by copying the original bsd-sfprint
files from the original circle-3.1 package to the sumomo package.
No dice.

Now that I think about it, why would it bitch about it now when it
compiled the other packages fine?  If anything, it should have
bitched about it from the beginning when circle started using the
bsd-sfprint.  I admit this behavior is very odd and disconcerting.  I
was wondering if anyone has any insight in this matter.  Maybe the
sumomo package changed something or maybe the MSVC is a
flaky compiler.  I do know that C++ is notoriously difficult language
to create a compiler for but it seems to me that this shouldn't be

Anyways, I look forward to any insight on this matter.

Gerald Florence

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