[newbie][code]need gdb help, problems installing reroll snippet

From: Dave Robbins (daverobbins@comcast.net)
Date: 01/31/03

My problem before came while adding the stat reroll snippet from the ftp
site. I am running the trapp package (which includes races, oasis, etc.)
I applied the snippet by hand and the mud compiled with no errors.
However, when I log on and create a new char, and I get past the race
and class selections to the point where I should be able to reroll my
stats I get a segmentation fault. Someone suggested I run the mud
through gdb and perform a backtrace and post the results. I'm new to
coding so I dont have much experience with gdb. How would I run the mud
through gdb and perform a backtrace? I read the manpage and from there I
gathered that I should issue gdb bin/circle lib/core but when I do that
it spits out the error message that lib/core is not the proper format.
Can anyone help me with this?

If you dont want to clutter up the list with something so trivial feel
free to email me off-list.

Dave Robbins <dave@monological.com>

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