Re: [newbie][code]need gdb help, problems installing reroll snippet

From: Dave Robbins (
Date: 02/01/03

> No need to go through all that.  In the snippet, there are a couple lines
> like this:
>   sprintf(buf, "\r\nStr: [%d/%d] Int: [%d] Wis: [%d] Dex:"
>      " [%d] Con: [%d] Cha: [%d]",
> Put them together on one line instead so that it looks like this:
>   sprintf(buf, "\r\nStr: [%d/%d] Int: [%d] Wis: [%d] Dex: [%d] Con: [%d]
> Cha: [%d]",
> Should work then.

nope. I changed the lines but still get the same segmentation fault when
going through the new character creation. Any other ideas? I would post
my interpreter.c but it will probobly be too long for the list. If it
would help and noone would mind, I will post it. Let me know.

Dave Robbins <>

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