[Newbie][Code] Mob Progs undefined errors.

From: Abraham Dizon (soldier2003@hotmail.com)
Date: 02/13/03

CircleMUD version: bpl18 (Del's Bundle)
OS: Windows 95

Okay I got a problem. I decided to try out the mob programs. I know people
say that DG Scripts are better and etc.. Heh I don't care.
Anyhow I downloaded the latest version of mob programs which is
mobprogs_tar.gz from yr 2000 heh. I hand patched it in. Recompiled the MUD
and fixed what errors I had but I wasn't able to fix the other ones I didn't
know how to fix. Recompiled again, and this time after that I got these
errors. I set the thing in Oasis.h to 1 of course. I just don't know what
went wrong here:

medit.o: In function `medit_disp_mprog_types':
/home/Maria Bonita/BroodwarsMUd/src/medit.c:321: undefined reference to
mobcmd.o: In function `do_mpjunk':
/home/Maria Bonita/BroodwarsMUd/src/mobcmd.c:231: undefined reference to
/home/Maria Bonita/BroodwarsMUd/src/mobcmd.c:249: undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [../bin/circle] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Maria Bonita/BroodwarsMUd/src'
make: *** [all] Error 2

Line 321:
sprintf(buf, "%s%2d%s) %s\r\n", grn, i, nrm, mobprog_types[i]);

Line 231:
if ((obj=get_object_in_equip_vis(ch, arg, ch->equipment,&pos))!= NULL) {

Line 249:

while((obj=get_object_in_equip_vis(ch, arg, ch->equipment, &pos))!=NULL){

Hope someone can help me here. I'll still be trying to figure out what wrong
with it as I didn't touch anything in medit.c. In mobcmd.o I just changed
the stuff virtual to vnum. And for the stuff that had few arguments like
get_char_vis, I added the NULLS into them. When I finish working on it, I'll
more than likely send it in to the ftp site so you people can use it :P Once
again any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. I kinda gave up on the Gun
Menu code for the moment but will be returning to it soon hehe. I'm just
taking a break from it :P Sorry to say this too but I will not be releasing
the final version or any version of it :( Heh I know their are people before
me that have attempted to add mob progs but I never heard anyone that has
done it yet. Maybe I'll be the first :P

- Mirado

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