Re: [PATCH] OLC 2.0.3 patch error: unexpected end of file

From: Vladimir Romanov (
Date: 02/13/03

Hello Thomas,

Friday, February 14, 2003, 12:40:48 AM, you wrote:

TA> Indeed it is (the -Npru means "unified, show function line, recurse
TA> directories and pretend non-existant files are empty"). My version
TA> of patch doesn't have any problems with unified diffs, though.

Blah. Anyone with a win32 patch.exe which works fine with unified
diffs here would send it to me (not thru list of course, an e-mail to would suffice)? ;)
If not, I'll have to handpatch this monster. It's going to be a long

Best regards,

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