[ADMIN] Question regarding credits policy

From: Nathan McSparran (natemcsp@yahoo.com)
Date: 02/14/03

Good Afternoon,

I have been doing some thinking about Circlemud's
policy concerning giving credit.  I understand that
the Diku and Circlemud staff must be given credit in
the credits file.  What I was wondering if I could do
is program a command so the players could type credits
diku or credits circlemud and see the credits for the
different code bases.  This would replace the entries
on the main credits file when a player types credit.
What happens when a player types credit is he/she will
see a message that will read, "To view the credits for
the Diku team type credits Diku.  To view the credits
for the Circlemud team type credits Circlemud.",
e.t.c.  This would allow my credits system to be a lot
more organized.  Would this be a violation of
CircleMUD's policy?

Thank you for reading!

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