Querying the newingness (sic!) of character in interpreter.c

From: Vladimir Romanov (rovlad@ipbi.ru)
Date: 02/15/03

Hello there everyone.

  Since subject may seem confusing, I'd like to get straight to the
  point and explain what I have in mind. I wish to add Q_IFNEW
  connectedness state in interpreter.c, which solely point is to be
  called ahead of CON_GET_NAME to ask the player if the character he
  wants to play is a new one. The reason I have for doing that is
  quite simple - I want to alter character creation (as to let the
  player choose his/her class and race ahead of sex and name) while
  letting those who already have their character log in quickly and

  It is clear that I'll have to partially integrate CON_GET_NAME into
  Q_IFNEW, and I've tried doing so, but it's a bit confusing and is
  constantly getting out of my grip. Maybe there are someone who
  already tried doing something similiar and could spare me a couple
  of hints or maybe even some code chunks. :) Would do me a big favor.

  PS. Thanks Thomas Arp aka Welcor for helping me out with patch
  stuff. I didn't wait for it and went through the handpatching
  process (wasn't that hard after all ;)) but I will probably need the
  patch utility in future anyway. Thanks again Tom. :)

Best regards,
 Vladimir                          mailto:rovlad@ipbi.ru

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