Re: [code][newbie] aedit format?

From: Ben Heise (
Date: 02/17/03

after playing with the socials a bit more, heres a new take...

the socials error is:

SYSERR: format error in social file near social '#'

heres the social made from aedit making a social ingame:
~doh doh 0 0 0 0
You smack $n on the forehead.
$N smacks $n on the forehead.
Smack who? where?
You smack yourself on the forehead. you dope!
$n smacks $sself on the forehead.

here's the code from where the error is given in

  /* now read 'em */
  for (;;) {
    fscanf(fl, " %s ", next_soc);
    if (*next_soc == '$')
    if (fscanf(fl, " %s %d %d %d %d \n",
                sorted, &hide, &min_char_pos, &min_pos, &min_lvl) != 5) {
      log("SYSERR: format error in social file near social '%s'", next_soc);
    /* read the stuff */
    soc_mess_list[curr_soc].command = strdup(next_soc+1);
    soc_mess_list[curr_soc].sort_as = strdup(sorted);
    soc_mess_list[curr_soc].hide = hide;
    soc_mess_list[curr_soc].min_char_position = min_char_pos;
    soc_mess_list[curr_soc].min_victim_position = min_pos;
    soc_mess_list[curr_soc].min_level_char = min_lvl;

now somewhere in here, I screwed up... however like most of my screwups, I'll be hanged if I can find it. the reason I've concluded its in this portion of code is because, really this is (mostly) the only part of the code I dont understand.

help!? could anyone please explain what with this?

I've put up my codebase at

feel free to peruse it, and point out mistakes....


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