Confusing Menu handling system in redit.c

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 02/18/03

I'm using 3.1 with dg pl9 and 2.0.1 Oasis.

I've been going through a snippet, trying to get it to work
(hiddendoors.txt).  I noticed a subtle bug in redit.c menu handling
system.  This is present in both the Linux and Windows version.
Go into redit and clear an exit, leave the submenu, then come
back.  Look at the exit room and the keys.  Both are being set to 0
(zero).  This will cause problems by setting the exit to room 0.  I
looked at the code and it comes down to using the same variable
(number) at the top of the function and converting the menu args to
a number.  While these tricks maybe saving memory by using less
variables, it does promote confusion, especially in a huge, multi-
layer case system.  Has anyone put in a fix for this problem or can
anyone offer a better solution to the menu handling system?


Gerald Florence (Septe)

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