From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 02/23/03

OK, I'm so fed up with this problem already... here's the deal.

Name: 'Sargos greet',  VNum: [ 4508], RNum: [   22]
Trigger Intended Assignment: Mobiles
Trigger Type: Greet , Numeric Arg: 100, Arg list: None
   say Welcome %actor%!

Alright, supposed to work, right? Well.....
A guard says, 'Welcome 1!'
Thats the ID number. HEY! Wait, thats not all! The output is different. I
have yet to determine a pattern. But say Welcome 1 is what I get, but then on
a mortal char I created, it says Welcome  !, leaving it blank. I don't know
whats going on, and any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated. I
don't know what to send with it, as I don't know what code could cause

Kevin Dethlefs

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