Re: Updated 3.1 race/class docs

From: Chris Ward (
Date: 02/24/03

>Well...for classes, read the CircleMUD README documentation.  It was updated
>just prior to the 3.1 release.

I did Mythran, i found those docs to be rather unsatisfying in a lot of
areas. A newbie coder isn't gonna get much outta those, nor one slightly
more advanced. Using those docs and a bpl21 guide I was still unable to
patch in a Class overly successful, had to comment out a couple of lines
and pretty sure I killed my holylight for immortals doing it. Just to get
the Knight class working.

Races are another matter., just using the built in ones as a guide (isn't a
doc for that in the circledoc package that comes with the mud) Its not like
my mud is modified, its just the 3.1 with goodies package.

Seems to me Circle is falling behind compared to some of the other muds and
their community howto's ?? or is that only The grass looking greener on the
other side, because im not actually running a different codebase? Just
seems to me that Rom has lots more support and guides out there to do mods
to the codebase then we do.

In a war to be popular, userfriendly and easy to mod we seem to be losing.

Just my 2 cents.

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