[Legal] License Agreement

From: Jason Yarber (JasonYarber@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 02/25/03

This question is more for George and Jeremy, than anybody else, but all
responses will be greatly appreciated.

I have a rather....unusual question, if I may.  I don't know if this
question has been asked before or not, but I'm going to ask it anyways.
Let's say I was capable of writing a mud from scratch, in a whole different
programming language.  Now, let's say I made that mud, look and act just
like Circle MUD does.  Even though all the code was written from scratch,
would the Circle MUD license agreement still be effective for the code?  Or
would I be able to scrap that license and use my own?  I seriously doubth
this, since Microsoft Office, and FreeOffice perform the same tasks, in
much the same way, but yet thier licenses are not valid for each other.
But just to be safe, I thought I'd ask anyways.  And if the license does
not have legal juristiction over the code, would you host the code on your
ftp server anyways?

The reason I'm asking, is because I've been doing extensive work on
developing an experimental Circle MUD server using an alternative language,
and wanted to know my legal rights as far as the code goes.  Being the
nature of the programming language that I'm using, none of the code will be
the same, in fact, many of the core functions of Circle have to be coded in
a different fashion(yet they will still work the same).  This question also
applies to patches that have been released, since I do desire to code some
sort of OLC modeled after the currently available OasisOLC.  The end result
will be a MUD that is completely configurable via online menus and
commands.  Yes, I even indend to make some sort of coding script for
creating new functions and commands from within the mud.(If all works
right, you won't ever have to fire up a compiler to change the mud, just
write or edit a script from within the mud)

Notice: This project is still experimental, and therefore, no further
details will be provided, since it's release will be based upon performance
tests and other data.

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