Re: [OasisOLC] Random Gold Thought

From: Mythran (
Date: 03/03/03

> Eh, you mean level 1 mob having the same probability as the hardest
> mob in game to load the same amount of gold? I don't think it's
> actually such a great idea.

Umm, no...

What I meant was the builder sets the dice for the random gold.  For
example, the dice for the gold on a low level mob could be 2d4+5.  This
means that the minimum amount of gold that mob couldhave would be 7 and the
maximum would be 13.  But it would average to around 9 and 10.  For higher
level mobs, the dice could be set higher to 10d20+1000.  So, the minimum
amount of gold the mob would have would be 1010 and the max would be 1200.
Get it?


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