Ask me whether i want to save!

From: Marcel Honstraß (
Date: 03/30/03

Hi all,

maybe i found a bug in Oasis (2.0.3):using Circle 3.1 (OS: Linux +
My Oasis Version is modified.
Steps to show it:
oedit 18699;    (or any other new id)
5; (Type)
9; (Armor)
q; (Quit)
yes; (to save it)
oedit 18699; (so open the same object again)
c; (Values)
3; (Apply to AC)

at this point you should be asked whether you want to save the change or not
(the prog does not ask me and does not save the changes).
My idea: So one should tell the program that using the command c
is a change, so that one will be asked.

----- Marcel Honstraß (the bug tracer in Oasis :-) )

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