Why no April Fool's Joke?

From: Daniel A. Koepke (dkoepke@circlemud.org)
Date: 04/01/03

People have been asking all day where our yearly April Fool's day joke is
this year.  You've kept your eyes peeled all day, waiting to laugh at the
absurdity of our joke, only to be surprised when someone falls for it.
So where is it?

There simply isn't one this year.  And that leads to questions of why.

There's no easy way to put this.  For the past few weeks, things have
slowed down as the development group has fallen to pointless quibbling and
arguments over the direction of CircleMUD.  It has come to the attention
of Jeremy Elson, Alex Fletcher, Chris Epler, and I, that a certain member
of the core development team who shall remain nameless has been trying to
sureptitiously fork the CircleMUD project.  While forks are ordinarily
welcome, it is the manner in which this anonymous party has been
attempting to steal resources from the main development effort in order to
support his own.  Most seriously, the problems he purports to be
addressing have simply not been brought to our attention, despite his
position to address them in the official CircleMUD distribution.  We are
left only to conclude that this member of the core team intends to
sabotage the CircleMUD project for his own gain.

The offending member has since been expunged from the development team.
It is our hope that this allows the project to be continued without any
further distractions.  As we are looking forward to progress and have
already spent the past few weeks being forced into this tough decision, we
respectfully request that members of the CircleMUD community refrain from
public discussion of and speculation on this issue for the time-being.
We are preparing an official statement to be released any day now.

Until that time, we would like to apologize for the lack of an April
Fool's joke this year and ask for your understanding and support.

Best wishes,
The CircleMUD Development Team (undersigned)

  Jeremy Elson
  Chris Epler
  Alex Fletcher
  Daniel A. Koepke

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