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From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 04/02/03

From: "Bill Pascoe" <wspascoe@BELLSOUTH.NET>
> AS some of you know when Welcor added the came out with the dg scripts pl9
> he made some minor additions to olc. One of those additions was a context
> help system. I decided that I wanted to add this to my new version of
> oasis. The problem that Im having is that I cant figure out how it ties
> into OLC. I've searched all over the code and cant seem to figure out
> to add it in other than the context_help.c. if anyone would be willing to
> point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. I think its a
> good addtion to the OLC.

context help ties in with olc in interpreter.c:nanny()

   * Quick check for the OLC states.
  for (player_i = 0; olc_functions[player_i].state >= 0; player_i++)
    if (STATE(d) == olc_functions[player_i].state) {
+      /* send context-sensitive help if need be */
+      if (context_help(d, arg)) return;
      (*olc_functions[player_i].func)(d, arg);

context_help() returns 0 if arg isn't CONTEXT_HELP_STRING.


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