Help with guilds and multiclassing.

From: peter dahlgren (
Date: 04/06/03


i am having this problem with the guilds and guildguards... my GET_CLASS(ch) has been turned into an array that looks like this GET_CLASS(ch, i) with a max of 6 slots... the first class chosen at startup is always GET_CLASS(ch, 0). in spec_procs.c i tried to put in a for loop to check for all slots, didn't work... then i simply put in GET_CLASS(ch, 0) to check if it worked better... but no.

any ideas? the same thing goes for the guild masters...

here is how the code for the skills/spells look in SPECIAL(guild)

for (i = 0; i < MAX_MULTICLASSES; i++)
    if (skill_num < 1 ||
       GET_CLASS_LEVEL(ch, i) < spell_info[skill_num].min_level[(int) GET_CLASS(ch, i)]) {
      send_to_char(ch, "You do not know of that %s.\r\n", SPLSKL(ch));
      return (TRUE);

i use this in spell_parser aswell.. please help me

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