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From: Adam Scriven (
Date: 04/09/03

On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 10:50:35AM +0300, Anthony Goins wrote:
> While it would be helpfull for Circle related links I am doing this
> from scratch and will not hold any thing from the current world format.
> If someone knows of any good links or wouldn't mind explaining it to me
> some or something it would be greatly appreciated.

I know nothing about programming coordinate based systems in C, but I'm curious as to
what you're planning.  Are you going to ditch the "room" format, and do a totally
coordinate-based system?  I'm very interested in something like that, especially if it
could somehow be adapted to 3d coordinates (z axis).

How did you plan on emulating "rooms", when they need emulation (like in buildings
and whatnot), and handle the transition between different area types (forest to plains,

Very curious!
Adam, AKA Drwho

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