Re: question on Oasis 'load obj to mob'

From: Scott Meisenholder (scmeis1@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/10/03

HI there,
   I dont know if there was ever a fix for you on this problem, but I use
3.1 with many modifications and i came across you very same problem. I use
percentages and with this it addes redudant checks to check for mobs and
obj loads. I removed them and then when you go through the logic youll see
that loads happen. Now the question is weather or not you are loading an
object based on a previous load in the same postion. IF so you need to
change your load to not based on the previous load. And goto handler.c
and in equip_char.

Make a change in GET_EQ(i, pos){
I believe its the first check where it reports trying to load an already
equiped char. And add extrac_obj(obj); some where in that check. This will
remove that object and not affect your MAX_load items.

I hope i didnt repeat something already previously answered.

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