Re: Problem with 128 bit flags and new FLAGS

From: Scott Meisenholder (
Date: 04/11/03

I wish it was that simple, all My text entries are there. It was the first place i went since i saw
size_t     room_bits_count = sizeof(room_bits) / sizeof(room_bits[0]) -1,
      action_bits_count = sizeof(action_bits)/sizeof(action_bits[0]) - 1,
 affected_bits_count = sizeof(affected_bits)/sizeof(affected_bits[0]) -1,
           extra_wear_count = sizeof(extra_bits)/sizeof(extra_bits[0])-1,
in constants.c.

Now i even went as far as to replace right hand of the equations to the actual
number of flags +1, im even temped to just make them 128 and get it over. But
like i said the only thing i can come up with is this, since this is the stock
128bit patch included with the circle3.1 extra goodies package witch i love so
far. I think the problem comes down to this, the check of
sizeof(action|wear|affected|extra_bits) [0] )-1 does not account for any of
the other arrays. So just leaving me with 32/32 -1. My logic could be wrong
but i think thats the problem.

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