Re: problem and question for circle-3.1

From: Geoff Hollis (
Date: 04/17/03

I've had the same problem with the mudmail system, and haven't quite figured
it out yet. But, as for the save question, just go into config.c and search
for auto_save, then turn it to NO. If you'd still like autosave to be
functioning just go into the do_save function instead, and take out the line
that disables pfile saving when auto_save is turned off (and keep auto_save to

I've run into a problem with affects duplicating. For circle-3.1, when a
character logs off with only one affect and then logs back on, that affect is
doubled. The pfile only stores one copy of the affect, though, so I think it
has something to do with loading a pfile. Anyone run into this problem and
know how to fix it? I've spent awhile on it now and am stumped.

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